My Mission / My Vision


Evil continues not because it's evil, but because nobody does anything about it ...


I have one goal through my journey sharing children with a textbook psychopathic narcissist, and that is to raise major awareness. I want to break down all barriers that hold victims back from seeking the appropriate help. I want to shine light in those dark, horrible places by revealing the mind of a narcissist in great detail, so there is no more mystery as now they can no longer hide. I want to see people empowered like never before by validating what they  may have perhaps experienced in their inter-personal relations with a narcissist.

I believe the more aware people are, the more power they have in the fight to keep their boundaries strong and know how to spot this operative personality type. These people present themselves in the workplace, social arena, legal, law, and even more place where a person should be safe when seeking help. 

Times victims need to lodge a complaint against a narcissist and the person in charge of hearing the complaint is a narcissist themselves. This is where corruption begins and this is what I strive to put and end to, by exposing every single one of their tactics so people practice caution when approaching agencies for help. I am and will remain a strong advocate for all victims of psychological abuse, making strides in having laws changed in Canada to reflect the law change already in place in Britain "Claire's Law" under the Serious Crime Act which now includes coercive control as a criminal offense. I would like to see this law mirrored in every country across the Globe.

I have lived a life in tune deeply with my psyche, I am an empath. My feelings and emotions run deep and I feel the world around me with great intensity. Always agreeable and somewhat a pushover I have been taken advantage of plenty and have drawn an array of narcissistic individuals into my life throughout the years.  

The narcissist who inspired me to write this book stalked me through his roommate for several months to gain all the information needed to finally reel me in to a game of psychological warfare. Within two weeks I was pregnant and this is where the road straight through the hell of the unknown happened... a psychopathic narcissist who had only the cruelest intentions as I became entangled in all that he tried to keep well hidden under a mask of continuous falsehoods. Another pregnancy, a set of twin girls was anything but a happy family experience. It was the ultimate trip through hell and now 22 years later, here I am. I have literally seen it all and after suffering incredible pain from insurmountable abuse, Christmas Day, 2017 to write a book, inspired by my passion to help people. I want people to be equipped with every ounce of information they need to know.

In my book I clearly expose every trait of a narcissist and their methods and techniques of abuse., and after 11 long months, that mission is complete. An accomplishment for victims of narcissist's everywhere. This book arms them with the whole experience so they can feel validated, their experiences are well defined so they realize it is not them and they fell for the tricks of a crafty, calculating, manipulating narcissist.

Every word written comes straight from my heart to you. I don't want you wondering around in a state of foggy confusion when I have all the answers that can save your life.

So here I am, in the raw, here it is. Every detail of the behavior I discuss throughout the pages of my book is a clear representation of what I experienced. I gained the ultimate in healing while writing this book and also am becoming a better version of myself while experiencing peace, joy and serenity for the first time in my life. I gain the greatest satisfaction knowing my experience and how I have been able to piece all this together is going to save so many lives and help so many understand who narcissists are. I want people empowered, validated and to understand how special and amazing they are and nobody deserves horrid treatment. Nobody deserves to feel defective because of their feelings and emotions. 

I am a fighter, I made it through with more knowledge than my wildest imagination would permit. I am blessed by this experience because my healing came when this book was completed. I know it will reach and help many, so my job is done, mission accomplished. Only that's the thing, it's just now getting started. I am transforming into what God wants me to be so I can go out and fight for this cause. I need to be strong myself and through my own healing journey I have gained great strength, wisdom, fortitude, integrity, peace, calm, joy, understanding, self-compassion and so many more vital things that I go into great detail about in my book.

If you or a loved one is being abused, then my book will be a life-saver. It has been written in dedication to those who didn't survive, giving them the ultimate voice throughout the pages of "THE GASLIGHTING EFFECT"

With love always, Reva Steenbergen