"All narcissists are predators and consider those with empathetic qualities, prey. They prey on vulnerabilities and exploit emotions. They are vultures that just lie in waiting to strip your soul and leave the carcass behind."

"Nobody expects somebody to psychologically batter them. No rational thinking person ever sees something like that coming. And no matter what your background, how you've lived your life, nobody deserves abuse. Abuse is inhumane as are the people who have the mindset to do it"

"A broken person can be fixed, however an evil person (narcissist) cannot. An evil person causes pain/suffering, a broken person wouldn't because they know what it feels like to hurt. Try not to confuse someone who can be saved from someone (narcissist) you need to be saved from."

"Narcissists video tape and record victims at preemptive times when they've been provoked into an emotional response. When the victim becomes emotionally-charged that's when they'll hit the record button to later show people that the victim is a problem and is out of control."

"In the beginning the narcissist moves quickly to go undetected, while the real motives are hidden tightly under the mask. Flourishing their victim with attention praise adoration and Promises. Once they know their victim is "in love" that's when the cruelty begins (Devalue)

"It's sad when caring unsuspecting people fall in love with a person that they believe is going to love them back, only instead this person is a narcissist and behind the mask is a devious plan of games lies deception and cruelty just waiting to be Unleashed on you."

A narcissist always portrays themselves as the victim to gain sympathy from others in their abuse by proxy/ smear/distort campaigns. The real victim can't be seen by an Outsider looking in. More confusion created by the narcissist who is still pulling at the puppet strings. 

A narcissist could know you for 30 years and they will still "serve you up on a platter" and "throw you under the bus" in a heartbeat. They have no loyalty, even though loyalty is what they demand the most from others. 

Narcissists refuse to be held accountable and are perfect at the framing game to set it up so they never have to be... because they've established ahead of time who will be framed for every single one of their wrong doings before they even set out to do it. 

People fall in love with a narcissist because of the exuberance in the beginning - love bombing. You feel that you've met your soulmate, only it was an illusion, they studied to become everything you are/mirror, so you form an intimate bond, then  will  play on vulnerabilities. 

A narcissist has a different kind of skill set. They play the game of life, with malicious intent. People are pieces of which to be moved efficiently and effectively across-the-board according to the game plan set out by The Crafty narcissist. Either they gain or everyone loses. 

A narcissist's mode of operandi - Cruel Intentions/ games/ manipulation domination/ power/ control over those with deep feelings/emotions which The Narcissist considers a weakness, In need of exploitation... Receiving satisfaction when causing strife, drama, pain & suffering.