Empowering! As I read chapter after chapter, I felt a sense of validation for what I had experienced, I'm now able to recognize and combat the effects of narcissistic abuse. It was like turning n a light after being in the darkness for a long time. If you are a survivor of narcissistic abuse, or a victim who is trapped in the toxic cycle of abuse, this book is a must read.
Shannon Thompson - Narcissist Abuse Survivor


Reva Steenbergen gives an eerily accurate account of the horrifying truth of what a narcissist actually is; in a world where that word is thrown around like it doesn’t mean anything - her book is an awakening for society to understand what it truly means. "Steenbergen said it best with “The fact that victims make it out alive and are able to stand strong is a pure testament to the human spirit.” – Shannon Wright, MD. survivor of narcissistic abuse.


"The Gaslighting effect, a very good read helping one understand characteristics of people, why is a narcissistic is who and what they are. don’t fall under their spell, the signs are there,  be aware, it’s not you it’s them! These people are around us, the signs will tell, leave before it’s to late and if you can’t learn how to adapt."
Jeff Schwarz - Reality TV Star


“So much of the author’s words resonate deeply, and reflecting on the years I was unknowingly married to a narcissist, they could have been written just for me.  Whether you are reading this with alarm bells ringing, or are hoping to gain an understanding on narcissistic behaviour, and it’s effect on those who are subjected to it, I highly recommend you take the time to absorb Reva’s words. Apart from anything else, it will show that, once free, a victim becomes a survivor, and can rebuild their life.” 

Lisa Goodman - Narcissist Abuse Survivor


"The gas lighting effect is a great read for understanding and coping with narcissistic people. We are able to understand the first signs of narcissism such as the inability to relate with others which can then lead to something called the gas lighting effect. A horrifying reality to narcissist abuse. The author does an excellent job by listing and creating a simplified map to understanding the deeper issues of a narcissist. We are able to understand their thought patterns, how they see the world and how they see their victim. After reviewing this grim reality, the author leads readers into new hope. We are shown how to heal the traumas left by the narcissist in order to regain confidence and move on to living a happier healthier life”
Shera Bechard - Playboy Playmate