The Gaslighting Effect - The Book

Take a revealing look at narcissistic abuse from survivor Reva Steenbergen's perspective in THE GASLIGHTING EFFECT.

Lisa Landry interview with Reva Steenbergen



A narcissistic abuse survivor herself, Reva Steenbergen takes her own experiences —combined with countless mental health professionals, relationship counselors, and even narcissists themselves — to offer a unique perspective on narcissistic abuse and the gaslighting effect.

She provides insight into the entire victim experience while at the same time taking an intense, revealing look straight inside the inner workings of a narcissist abuser. 

The reader will uncover the truth about,

· Who is vulnerable to the advances of a narcissist and how a narcissist pursues their target;

·  How narcissists provide the perfect allure to draw people in;

· What makes a narcissist so relentlessly cruel;

· The mind, the method, the behavior and the reasoning behind a narcissist’s abuse; and

· The reasoning behind why victims stay in an abusive relationship with a narcissist

Gaslighting is an abusive technique used by narcissist abusers in which a victim's reality becomes re-written, judgment is impaired, and there is an undeniable shift to their mental equilibrium as the narcissist tries to break the victim’s spirit and in the most vicious game of mind control. 

In “The Gaslighting Effect…” the red-hot flames of narcissistic abuse are finally revealed.


Predator on the Hunt

Empath Versus Narcissist 

Inside the mind of a Narcissist

Psychopath Versus Sociopath

Trick of the Trade:

- Idealize

- Devalue

- Projection

- Silent Treatment

- With-holding

- Abuse by proxy

- Smear distort campaigns 

- Reid interrogation method 

A Little Deeper Look

Stockholm Syndrome 


Gaslighting the final discard

In the aftermath

Revealing and healing

Halthy happy New You


This book is in dedication to and gives a voice to victims , survivors and for those that didn't make it out alive.



The book will be listed on Amazon around November 8th. The eBook will be available for download around the beginning of December, with the hard copy available to order around the beginning of 2019.


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